Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lets Recycle Chopsticks Old CD's and Toilet Paper Roll

A good idea for your desk..i really wanted this kind of organizer on my desk..
so i'm so happy i made this
And you only spend money for the glue gun and its electricity
and your golden time.
if you add some design on it ,its depends on you..

Materials i used 

Disposable Chopsticks
Old CD's
Toilet Paper Roll
Glue Gun
heavy cutter for chopstick

If want to add Design..
Color painting
some lace
felt paper
and so on..

For a quick video making here...


 First step .you need 3 toilet paper roll..2 whole rolls and 1 roll cut into halves..so you need 4 rolls
let's make a square shape of the toilet paper roll,or leave them round shape..

 press the roll into cross ..to make square shape..

.then attach the stick on the way i did in this picture...of course using glue gun and cut the excess part of the stick using cutter..wear gloves to prevent hurting yourself.

and you can use the cutted stick on the halves toilet paper roll
like you see in the picture..


and attach them together 

And assemble them,according what size and style you want..

 Cd is used for the bottom...i covered it with felt paper...or any card board is okay..

Then give them a make up if you want to look them pretty..hehehh..
i cant explain it perfectly ,but i hope you get my points here...

Thats it...and make another design you desired.


enjoy crafting...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Recycling Candy Wrappers( Lets Make Hair Flower Crown)

Another candy wrapper craft idea for making flowers, this time i 'll be showing a different way of making flowers out of candy wrapper..
and this flower is very nice for making hair flower crown..

All you need are candy wrappers ,we can use 6 wrappers every flower..you can use in any different size and colors..i 'll remind some plastic wrapper are not easy to twist ,so make sure your'e using a soft plastic candy wrapper.
we need a glue gun.some tissue paper or cotton for making the center part of the flower
and a plain no design hair crown..
we can make 4 to 5 flowers in making hair crown..

Video Tutorial here...


And Then Have a Nice Day.....
and me enjoying the crown...

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flowers Made of Candy Wrapper

Today i'm going to share with you guys. the things i have learned when i was in my highschool days..
we used to do these crafts  as our project in school..And.we recycled many things from trash...

Here are the Results i made recently...

its easy and Simple..you don't need to spend money...Just collect candy wrappers..or chocolate wrappers..they should not 100 percent plastic or kind a difficult to fold...because we are going to
make a shape petals from its wrapper..

All you need are..

Colorful Candy wrappers
Stainless wire...any type of wire as long youre satisfied to use them as your flower stick or handle..
Glue Gun..
Wire Cutter
Some pieces of soft paper or cotton or news paper..this use for making the center bud
Roll green Tape or Paper Roll ...You can also use colorful paper or newspaper and magazine..
just look for green color ,we're going to cover the flower handle ..

i thinks thats all...

For Quick Video Crafting Here

Some Photos of making flower

Thank You...