Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don`t trash Pet Bottle...You Can Make flowers out of them

 Yes...Those Plastic Bottles!.........They are adorable after i saw the is gorgeous...i know..And i know  what are you thinking now...Making flowers from plastic bottle is not easy.,.you would think it is another hand effort..time and focus...Well,i just want to share this piece of material i made..but children i warn should not attempt to do this because this is not just cutting and coloring..unless you ask help from adult
  The basic method of how to make this after you cut them in shape is you will burn the edges to make some curl edge ....and through the plastic bottle you will cut the bottom part  with scissors,a heavy duty one of course,.if you look on it you will notice that it is already a flower shape you get that part and burn the edge..
before i forget not all plastic bottles are with same bottom design..check it out  before you collect some bottles
   And if you want to make rose ,you will cut a petal can cut in any part of the bottles if is possible the soft part is more good  but i am telling you  .this is not easy you need hand effort cut them , burn them ,color them .glued them and form them into rose shape ..well...whatever that`s it..maybe next time i will make a  video tutorial of this...i am sure.
   please watch the flowers i made in this will like it..i think you can make accessories from it.and enjoy...Happy new year to all ...happy 2012 ..thanks 2011..

Crochet creation

Friday, December 30, 2011

Can you create Wreath out of News Paper or out of Cotton?

  Well I did.........
   They are not only unique but inexpensive.....i have used not only news paper or cotton but old clothes also.color paper and origami paper...and more to create soon..i am sure.
    Creating this fun ..i know some of my wreath are time consuming or need hand know hand craft usually need time to focus and if you don`t really like art work it will not get easy for you to create something like this.......

 But i am so happy and feel satisfied if i saw my project are perfectly done....creating something is a good meditation for me ,it gives me a good relax of mind though my hands and eyes are busy..that is what you call creativity...

paper craft

Cotton Wreath

Color Paper Wreath

News Paper Wreath

ORIGAMI paper wreath

From recycled clothes Wreath

Can You Create Something Out of PAPER?

   Well,  I love paper craft..see the photos below..they`re all paper craft...kind a .looks real,  usually you can make this out of clay...but i tried to use paper to create food out of is good when you feel bored ,have nothing to do...just get a piece of color paper and work with your imagination..i am sure you will enjoy creating something like this..
cheese burger


burger steak

looks yummy 
   Have fun making this  with your kids ..or if you are a teacher can be a school project.......if you want to know the tutorial visit this channel...creativehobbies