Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gift Idea,Why Buy When You Can Make Your Own .

cheap no design photo frame and empty can...
    Buying something you need or buying a gift is easy if you have good budget but if you have low budget giving gift to someone is sometimes a stress...but remember gift is not the amount ,not the inside or the is how you express to present your is from the heart not from your wallet.,i know that, money in this world is impossible..we need money in our daily point is ,How do you spend your money?
  ..We sometimes should learn how  to use our money says learning how to spend wisely is one of  the key ingredients of building wealth..don`t you agree with that? most of us are wasting money..why buy things that are  not necessary ,we should understand our spending goals..
   If you can cook ,why go on restaurant...when you can make DIY..why buying? i know not all can do DIY..that is sad things...but why not try to show off your skills or simply have fun making simple piece of material..children in school can do,so why you cannot do?there are variety of tutorial on the web that you can follow first you can try some easy project like paper craft, or making flowers, something like that.
   In search of ideas and inspiration so many people making their own making their own gift ideas,ornament for X`mas,Valentines present ,accessories ,cards and so on...
  Some are recycling old materials, makeover an old stuff or altered some boring materials you found in your house....are just an example ..
   And that`s all my hobbies.....i love handmade craft  i love creating things
..let me show some of the work i made..

an empty glass jar/can be a gift box idea...

a bud container

no design tissue box cover...i designed them
empty can

these are some of my work...  and there are many ideas in my videos...... You can watch them if you like..just visit this link

enjoy diy................