Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mosaic Bracelet out of Cd's and water bottle

Hi there people of the world....!!!   wanna make another fun crafts from recycled material?..okay let me show you this new crazy stuff i did this afternoon...its raining here though.and.typhoon is coming over.. i'm in the mood to make is very fun and cute crafts...simple hobby to reduce your Cd stuff at home and plastic bottle..
another creative bracelet's very funky ..and i love it ...can wear it with jeans..

funky Cd water bottle craft bracelet

nice Cd mosaic Bracelet

Mosaic Cd;s bracelet

Materials i used...
Cd's..colorful cd is more nice
water bottle
ordinary glue..adhesive glue
scissor and cutter
top coat..use nail polish ..
Clay ...any clay.but.i used the soft weigh so light..
how video..below,..

some photos on the making ....

mosaic Cd's bracelet..water bottle 

Cd;s water bottle bracelet

Recycled Bracelet ..Cd's and Plastic Bottle