Thursday, August 2, 2012

Make Jewelry from Plastic Bottle

I am very excited creating so many things using plastic bottle...because i drink a lot of water everyday..a 2 liter water bottle is sometimes only for my one bottles flooded in the trash reduce them i`m doing my best to clean them all by recycling them.. even every little left over of the bottles...

..i was thinking how to recycling small plastic cut bottle....actually its ready for throwing them to garbage....but i figured it out that it can be use again while cutting them into small pieces...and watching my face book...i saw one model wearing a black beaded necklace with mixed color of purple....i was attracted by that color necklace ,which supposed to be the color i will use in my project but i change my necklace color......and banggg..this ideas enter in my convinced me to make a necklace...he he he...

wondering how to do a necklace in a plastic bottle huh? okay let me show you how...

i love this one very much

so  gorgeous..does not look from plastic bottle..

my first attempt..i was not satisfied with the design..

materials i used on making my jewelry are the following...

Of course Plastic bottle ..any plastic you have there..
scissors that can cut a plastic bottle
pliers for making jewelry..
stainless can use synthetic thread ...and some materials for making jewelry..
adhesive glue for jewelry
can add pearl or beads if you want..
a color paint or nail polish..
a candle with lighter ...don not forget to use a avoid the toxic smell ..
  and do this with good ventilation of room..or maybe do it outside the house..

children should not do this..with out adults guidance or assistance...never try to light a fire inside your house..i am worried accident might be careful not to try this..

i used wire for necklace and use as barbecue stick for shrinking plastic..

synthetic thread

don`t know how to call this..
important to wear a avoid toxic smell

just cut a small pieces of plastic...size of a bead or size you want ......and gather them in place container ...
cut a wire 2 of your finger size...and ready for plastic burning...wear a mask first open the window....
then give a fire to your candle ..heat the tip point of your wire ..and inject to the cut pieces ..use pliers to avoid accident burnt....continue the process until you collect some beads on the wire..
i collect all bead in this container ..plastic bottle bottom part..
How to make Pendant....just cut a part you like in the bottle..a square shape or the bottom of small soda pop bottle...color them...and cut another small pieces of petal size of flower ..and shrink in heat.....
and next is add strong glue to the petals and place them in the round plastic ..and make a flower form...and thats it..color with nail polish...give them a hole heated wire.....

pendant making photo..

shrinking a plastic cut pieces

they look like this after burnt..

all you have to do is...insert the beads you made in the necklace size cut wire 

applying color for the wire necklace

after they are burnt,shrink and polished  with color..and ready for drying them..

VIDEO Footage..

bracelets i made ...i will make tutorial for this..

this one is unfinished project..supposed to be a necklace..

the bracelets i cute

FOR MORE DETAILS my the image below ..and you `ll be there..

Hope you like out for .more jewelry soon to make..


  1. This is really cool and beautiful and well-explained!
    But do you really need all these "..."? Couldn't you spare at least some`?

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