Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paper Weaving to make Gift Box

paper weaving first step..

I challenge myself to make woven project...And now i made this cute little boxes from magazines or pliers of the newspaper.

The only materials i used are...
Paper from your trash ,i mean can be newspaper ,magazines or any kind of paper..
Glue ,any type of glue ,if you want more adhesive one to make the paper crafts secured
measurement if you want..
and you can paint the box or put some decoration ..anything you want.

paper woven box with cover

paper woven box cover

paper woven box ..for gift ideas

The size of the box i made is....6 inches by 5 inches with cover on it...
all paper that already folded ,you need about 21 pieces of it....

For the cover 6 by 6 equals 11 plus 2 on both side so all are 13 pieces for the box cover,...i will explain in the image below..
i use the paper pliers..its more strong to newspaper..bit glossy too..

for the bottom of the need 6 by 5...then you will need 11 folded paper .
the folded pieces size is 16 inches long by 1 inch .

make a cross image  and apply glue to the center of the cross to attach together 

and continue weaving the 6 by 5 pieces..they should look like can see below the video tutorial ..

and take more 5 folded pieces ,and add to any side of the cross ..

like this ...
 video making image....


and how to make the box the video below ..

i know its hard for you to understand without not talking in my video..i apologize that,that's the only thing i can do or the best thing i can on making a video..i am not confident in speaking and teaching in my own words..thanks for your time...hope it helps my simple way of making crafts..