Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cute Chewing Gum Box...Crafts For Gift ideas

Don't throw away the box of candies or chewing gum..some boxes can be use as your personal things like small case or give to a friends...see what i did in this chewing gum case..

All you need of course ..
a chewing gum box that has a small needs this, so find something like that..
try to find box of candy or chocolates..or small matches..that can use as cute case of your small things which you need inside your purse ...its very attractive to use and very girly ....

you need adhesive glue or glue gun
some thing to decorate gems,pearls lace and anthing you want to decoarate on your case box
scissors or some color paint or can be a nail polish...
if you want to make a durable and solid box case ,,,before you design your better coat it with ordinary glue by using your hands,,,and let them dry.if they're done and dried ..
You can start decorating,...make a girly things design,,,that's all.

And now ,you can use it as cotton bud case,toothpick case,bracelet presents case...anything you want to put on it.of course things that fits inside ...a pill or supplements case...but i love putting my tooth floss on i can bring it in my purse everywhere i go..

you can use as cute candy holder case ,or just the gum...its very attractive gum box case,,,isn't it cool!

And anyway enjoy can do this without help of your's a decoden method or can be a decoupage method...

If you want to see the video footage ,watch and click the image below...and enjoy..