Saturday, September 6, 2014

Flowers Made of Candy Wrapper

Today i'm going to share with you guys. the things i have learned when i was in my highschool days..
we used to do these crafts  as our project in school..And.we recycled many things from trash...

Here are the Results i made recently...

its easy and don't need to spend money...Just collect candy wrappers..or chocolate wrappers..they should not 100 percent plastic or kind a difficult to fold...because we are going to
make a shape petals from its wrapper..

All you need are..

Colorful Candy wrappers
Stainless wire...any type of wire as long youre satisfied to use them as your flower stick or handle..
Glue Gun..
Wire Cutter
Some pieces of soft paper or cotton or news paper..this use for making the center bud
Roll green Tape or Paper Roll ...You can also use colorful paper or newspaper and magazine..
just look for green color ,we're going to cover the flower handle ..

i thinks thats all...

For Quick Video Crafting Here

Some Photos of making flower

Thank You...

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