Saturday, July 28, 2012

Recycled plastic Bottles..MINI BASKET

..More plastic bottle recycling project this week..
I had made this cute basket ..out 2 liter water bottle and added crochet thread to complete the look of a basket and to have  good results.....
This project is good for cell phone holder...small things container on your desk ...and so on.....i am using this for lipstick basket and some of my coins and jewelry.....and i am "Satisfied "~.^ like it too....

A good unique gift ideas too..

Here are the materials that i used..
you will need 2 liter water bottle or any plastic bottle that can be a shape of basket or bag.. whatever..lolz
adhesive glue..
a scissor for cutting  a plastic
a pliers..that use on jewelry making
lace or crochet thread..
a button or beads..
thread and needle..
a color paint if you wish to paint the bottle..
    and what else ?  okay that`s enough i guess...  ~.^

Some Photos on the making of my work...
if you want to see a video of making this project ..just click the first image below and you will be there...