Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Pretty Water Bottle Bracelets

I have seen a lot in the web making this crafts...i though about this ideas many times..but because i am too busy, i cannot easily finish the videos that i am now preparing for my next i decided
to make something easy project for my videos so i can post a new one in my channel...

very cute...water bottle bracelets..

So i chose this one...bracelet out of plastic easy fun and cute just what like others doing...some used with papers ,painted ,wrapped with old clothes ,decorated with buttons and so forth...
 okay let me start first..i know that anybody knows this ideas..anyway...

I used ...
water bottle..size of a wrist..should be cut of course with cutter and scissor
adhesive glue or glue gun
i used handmade ribbon mini size rose..with leaf
some ribbon lace for wrapping the bracelet..and anything you want to add for decoration..
gems,buttons,beads so whatever..
..thats all ..i think..

step is very simple as you may know..cut .glue ..wrap...decorate    ..and that's all..then you're done

some photos below..

the one with rose is very shabby chic style

for mor my video on this work...on the image below..