Friday, September 21, 2012

Rolled Paper Crafts ..Colorful Vase

Hi everyone...its been a while now,since i posted my last blog...Anyway...i have this new project regarding rolling a paper...and i used a colored papers that many kids uase in school,but you can be using magazines or news paper or any paper you want....i just wanted a colorful papar crafts for my vase..

i made this solid and filled with glue ..

isn't that yummy ???

beautiful vase

colorful and nice for home display too

I know this idea of my work is very common and popular in the web...but even though ,my techniques is not the same..if you watch it closely .yeah the rolled the paper as the other did..there is no hole seeing in my rolling paper..i covered the whole round paper..and mix with 2 to 3 colors in one piece...and size is not needed to be measured or not necessary the same,as long you made them round and secured with more glue....okay lets me start..

The materials ill be using here is..
A colored for 100 yen ..but i used 2 pad of these
sticky Glue...for rolling will consume a lot of this..
Adhesive glue...or Glue Gun.......this glue is the one that's make your vase secured and solid
A Scissors don't can use ruler if you want to measure when your cutting strips

methods is cut papers into half inch and in long strips about ..well depends the size of your paper ..doesn't need to be measure too..just do it easy ,simple and fun...

Some photos and watch my video while doing this will help you more ..i think..

That's it...some image photos...and please check the video below....

for more the link below and it will take you to the sight..