Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Manggang mango

masarap sa bagoong ..

yes they`re my favorite manggang hilaw.....but sorry i can not eat this...they`re all made of clay...

visit the tutorial video..

Chocolate Chips cookie..Clay art

they look real cookies ,yeah but nope this cookie is a clay...i made this today..using soft white clay and also i used my old eye shadow for color retouching ...the chocolate chips is made of white clay..applied by my brown  nail polish..i made this size of cookie just to make it more look real so.i can play a joke on tease with friends something like that.....yeah enjoy and create your own food clay art.

Materials ....
White Soft Clay
Brown nail polish and transparent polish 
Old eye shadow
crumpled paper video below..
see video here ...

Yummy Cup cakes..Clay Art

MATERIALS you need ...
a variety Colorful clay...i used soft clay
mold silicon/cupcake tray to make a form
nail polish/variety colors for cupcakes design
how to make video below