Friday, December 30, 2011

Can you create Wreath out of News Paper or out of Cotton?

  Well I did.........
   They are not only unique but inexpensive.....i have used not only news paper or cotton but old clothes also.color paper and origami paper...and more to create soon..i am sure.
    Creating this fun ..i know some of my wreath are time consuming or need hand know hand craft usually need time to focus and if you don`t really like art work it will not get easy for you to create something like this.......

 But i am so happy and feel satisfied if i saw my project are perfectly done....creating something is a good meditation for me ,it gives me a good relax of mind though my hands and eyes are busy..that is what you call creativity...

paper craft

Cotton Wreath

Color Paper Wreath

News Paper Wreath

ORIGAMI paper wreath

From recycled clothes Wreath

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