Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to Gift and Wrap a Cotton Bud?

Unique gift...Wrapped Cotton bud

Another unique gift ideas i created for this week,the idea comes up ,when my daughter asked me for a cotton bud..she said .."Mom,can you buy me a cotton bud in pink cotton head.."ha ha ha i said, what?

And i never thought that "pink head cotton bud "is available here in Tokyo...not only in white or pink..i found the black one too..nice for boys ~.^

But because. i love creating things ,my creativity works in my imagination....So,before giving the cotton bud to my daughter...instead of wrapping it in papers or just give it, in a plastic bag.... I think the better idea is "why not if i cover the container with lace and put things that can also be hair accessories"? that ,the container itself will also ,be use as pencil holder ,when they become empty.....And the other things, that makes me feel satisfied ,is when i found that i can put pictures on the cap cover...since most cotton bud container is transparent made of plastic easy to think where you can put photos..either on the side of container or on the cap..well,it`s up to you..

Anyway is the the DIY ideas i made...
All you need ...of course ..a new cotton bud container ..and i got a black .white and pink cotton head..
Adhesive glue..
any thing you can use for wrapping beside papers ..{no garbage gift ideas}
 any accessories hair .beads...etc..
pictures or any image you like
The best thing about this you get the gift inside and outside..
If there`s no paper wrapping ..there is no garbage to come..
The designed container you made is not only for cotton bud ca put either accessories or can be eat like chocolates..or can be use like handkerchiefs.socks,neck ties for men,panties also Lolz, or anything that can be put inside is your idea..

click VIDEO footage here..on the first image..

photos here..below..


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