Monday, August 13, 2012

D.I.Y. Creative ideas for Wedding Favors

Another creative crafts from recycled plastic bottles...though it took me a lot of time to decide how to  create this..yeah ...but i did...thanks to myself.......
very nice results ...something  that can use for the first i `d like to make the groom also.. before i post the video...but making the groom takes me a lot of time on how to create .....and this made me feel tired so i decided to do it next time..

The truth is i have more ideas on the wedding favors..but if i make it all the ideas that i am thinking now... in one will be no more ideas to left for the other project...he he he.. i made this wedding favors..especially the bride..i mean the cute gown
materials i used are the following...
500 ml water or any plastic bottle you have there..
adhesive glue
pliers and cutter
beads,lace ribbon flowers..fabrics etc >>for decoration
i used white nail polish..a piece of white paper..for covering the cap.
....candy wrap with plastic...actually i used not real candy ..its made of colorful clay...
we dont like candies lolz..
   anyway....what else??

Some photos of making the project..
actually this is a clay..not a candies

wrapped like s only for demonstration on wedding favors

3 types of bottle that i am using in my work...this time i used the small bottle..

to make this dress you need the upper part of the bottle were the cap is there...cap is the breast part  of the  bride./gown
the strap or the string on the shoulder of the dress is a wire and white ribbon ..i just bent it and glued..
watch the video for more details..

For more my video on making this the image below...

sorry i am not  good about explaining the details......well,hope you understand me...i am not good in some part for me is not easy or hard to explain in my own words..

byeeee.............see yah..

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