Friday, August 24, 2012

D.I.Y. Handbag Made of Crocheted CD`s

well,well, hello so hot about your place there ?
yeah....project project .....
Thinking about a new project is not easy but its exciting and fun...its a challenge for me every time i create a unique project...or to make my original project
especially if its from trash plastic bottles .news paper or old Cd`s..

Because its summer here in Japan..i figure it out  to make a bag using  recycled materials....
i know i can make bag out news paper .....i can make bag out of plastic bottle....but i`m thinking can i make bag out of Cd`s..?....actually year 2009 i used to crochet ,and i also made crocheted Cd..i made this as cover ..
   I also saw many project of crocheted Cd`s on the purse or small basket ...they have used 2 Cd`s.....while viewing them...i continue thinking and thinking ..if its possible to make a handbag ..but not only 2 Cd is needed..

so i made an experiment ... i want  to know if i can make bag from Cd`s...I get all my old Cd`s ..and lay them all on the floor...staring them ,thinking  about an hour , then i tried to assembled them to form a bag...   here `s  what i did first ...
I get 4 Cd`s for front of the bag  and 4 Cd`s at the back. .. 2 Cd`s on left side and 2 Cd`s on right side..and 2 Cd`s on the bottom part...That`s it............i saw it...i can make a bag.........then next method is.. how to connect them or attach them together to form a handbag image..and i know crochet can help that to connect Cd`s to Cd`s..that `s i `have done it perfectly..

so cute handmade bag...

nice for fashion 

so now...lets me share with you how to make handbag from Cd`s..

12 old CD`s ...
make your own handmade flower...i used crochet rose..12 pieces..
2 crocheted handle of bag...i made 300 crochet chain for one handle so you need 2 of this..
needle and thread to attach the rose ..
scissor of course.
i used 2 white yarn..or more depends how much your crocheting consume...any type of yarn is okay..
3 to 4 purple yarn...for flowers and to crochet the edges of Cd`s

 crocheted Cd..

 How to crochet Cd....first .you have to tie the yarn into the Cd passing through the hole pull it and tie the yarn..
tied like this..

Before you connect Cd to have to add more crochet chain into the crocheted Cd`s make it  more durable..and design in this photos.....make 5 crochet chain to form a petal .

  connected Cd`s to Cd`s..
crocheted rose...i will do tutorial for this soon..

just make 300 crochet chain ..2 times of this..can add more crochet chain to make it thicker

done bag..with out handle..

for more details...must watch my video of this handmade bag...
click the image below...

hope you enjoy and like my new project........this bag is so pretty ..i would to use it outside to impress people... ha ha ha...

bye ................see you on my next work..

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