Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wall Decor made of News Paper

Hi people ....I'm now going to show you something beautiful for display in your house..a home wall don;t need to spend money to buy expensive wall frame to your living room or bedroom...
here is the just only need an old news paper and a solid make a frame...
  well buying a home decor frame is available everywhere...some are expensive ,some are affordable my point here is..handmade project for your home decoration is more fun and exciting.....and be proud of your work after you've finished it..the feelings is very relieving ...
  especially if you are boring ,make something interesting from the things without spending much money..and give attention to reduce your trash around your home..and news paper is the one thing you can use to your make a cheaper home a small amount,i purchased a fly wood in a store were the place of carpenters buying their things.,,i got this for 240 yen ,,3 dollar in the US i think..or you can use a solid card board if you don't want to spend money...i used wood board to make a lasting life..planning to bring it to my mothers house soon...

see the image below of the results...

And how i made this...
the materials i used are..

Old news paper.. and Handmade Newspaper Roses With leaves,,,Watch the tutorial for this 
Ordinary white glue
Super adhesive glue
Paint colors
glitters etc
Top color..can use varnish or nail polish ..its optional..

i think that's all you need..
how to make..
  First you have to clean or wipe the wood..and rub plenty of torn news paper...and place them one by the decoupage method,....i did this by doing the decoupage method...i used my fingers while gluing them...if you're glue is not creamy or its liquid type you can use a brush..mine is creamy so i used my hand by rubbing one by one to make it flat..

For more details watch my Video making of this..just click the image below and enjoy watching..

and how to make the news paper roses...please watch my video on this..

bye see you

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