Thursday, January 24, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Project ..Pencil Holder/Organizer

Yes, i made a project out of toilet paper roll...this is very fun and easy.... these crafts are for my daughter to use as her pencil holder and i made for myself too, a brush holder/organizer

Lets see what it looks like...

A cute craft designed with popular TV animation..Smile Pretty cure..for kids present project

toilet paper roll project

Materials you need...

In one project you will need 5 toilet paper roll..with no tissue of course..
A tape..gum tape or any kind of use stapler too..if you want.
ordinary glue..and some strong adhesive glue..or glue gun
lace ,and any thing you want to put in your craft to make it pretty and nice
For kids...i used empty toy box,cardboard from toy,any design paper of your kids favorite character..through magazines ,book cover,stationary etcs..
Scissor..of course..
you can buy it in craft store in cheap price..i got mine for 100 yen..a dollar maybe..

toilet paper roll

wood kitchen holder 

place the 5 roll paper

tie or wrap with tape 

this should be the result..

..easy kids crafts..cut the character paper design..and glue over the toilet paper it in decoupage method..cover the entire roll paper.
cover the handle too with soft stationary or comic pages

also this area..

must be like this...add some decoration too

For more details... please watch video making of this..and watch the results too

video below...

 how to make video..

and some filming to watch the finish project ..and enjoy......

see you ..

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  1. fantastic! Thank you very much, I love your ideas!easy, beautiful, useful, cheap and ecological. Have a great week!