Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Creative Bottle Caps Art ..

Let us give life on things that supposed to be a trash..let us make crafts from bottle caps..can use a home decoration..or else,any idea is okay,creating craft arts is endless.

I made a fixed wall mirror inside my computer room..i used round mirror and design the edges with flatten bottle caps..

You can watch this on my video..or see the image below on how it made..

 Use a hammer to make a flat caps...

 Then spray it with the color you want ..

Find a place were you can display your mirror,if you don't want a permanently fix on your wall,use a flat wooden board to place your design..then when you're done ,you can hang it on the wall.

To be more secured ,use glue gun or strong adhesive glue,so we can avoid falling out,i use duck tape to secured the mirror..

add more design to look more nice and pretty, like flat gems lace and so on..

cover the tape with lace

 here are the results...very pretty and gorgeous..

 i put this mirror under my flat screen tv..i usually sit there ,with my computer so i can look and see myself with that DIY mirror on the wall...

 HOPE YOU LIKE MY IDEA...Please watch the video making of this...

see you next time...for more crafts idea..

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