Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Artistic Clay Decor Vase Making

Do You Like Flower Vase?

 There are Various Vases all over the world with different sizes and  shapes,some are expensive and some are affordable..  

  How about making your own original design using scratch materials or anything found in your home,that can be use in your work..why not ! let us try...see my artistic way of using clay ..

Art designed by me

my handmade clay decor vase 

Let me share with you how to make this ......This is a "No bake Clay " just let them dry one night or whole day to make it solid....
You just need a simple materials and you don`t need to spend more money just to have a beautiful..flower vase..
.Lets get started..

Any shape and size of Glass Vase...
Decoupage Glue or ordinary Glue
Polymer Clay..
Small things like buttons,gem.beads.broken accessories etc
tools for clay tapping ..i used nail polish
Glittery Gold for making them sparkling..
Gold paint ..i used poster color paint

I think they`re all the basic needs.but you also need a news paper,wet towel or tissue...or anything what  is comportable to you when you are making Clay Art..

I got this for 100 yen.i think a dollar store in the other country 

or Philippines i dun know .!!.. if possible use the cheapest one..

 Before you place the clay .apply the glass with glue

Cut the clay into a small pieces ,using your hands

place the clay one by one step..until you fill the whole vase

tap them using nail polish ,make it even and flat

before placing button apply the clay with glue,if possible the whole body

So when they`re dried,Glue helps the buttons and small things not to fall off ..and it also helps the clay to dries solid..

If you done with all your buttons and beads..let them dry in one night 

Enjoy  while doing this and listening some instrumental or classic =.^

 And on the next day,check some buttons if they`re are secured or if not falling off..if it so ,you must apply more glue..
and then ,you need to dry them again......after an hour you can apply your Gold paint and your glitter gold..

checking the paint if dries..and you can  retouch it to make more good results

Jaaaarannnnnnnnnnnnn..Isn`t that amazing???

now you have a gorgeous looking  flower vase to display

NICE JOB...~.^

WANT TO SEE THIS ON VIDEO ..see below .....

....thanks for visiting........................

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