Thursday, June 7, 2012

D.I.Y.Creative Jewelry Stand

Do you have many collection of accessories or jewelries like rings,bracelets and necklace...Would you like to try making a cute container so where you can put your pieces of jewelries ..and other small things to organize them in one don`t need to buy expensive stuff for that ...we can use trash materials around your house..

This is a very clever Ideas of D.I.Y,Just a simple materials like Cd ,a can cover and nail polish bottle...added with some materials like lace ,ribbon rose and anything for decoration..and you can make a cute Jewelry holder..or container or stand ..whatever you can call it..

A perfect  for gift or home decoration too.
 Materials are..
1 Cd
some Clay...ordinary kids clay
adhesive glue
empty long neck nail polish
2 can cover...size a little larger on CD
Lace for the edge of the can
beads,pearl gem..anything for decoration
handmade ribbon rose..
color paint..or nail polish ..for painting the can..
  and some other things you will need ..for making  a hole on the center of your can cover..


Video tutorial....

SOME PHOTOS below .......

very cute jewelry stand 

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