Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News Paper Crafts Jewelry

I know most of us read magazines and news Paper..but i don`t read ..he he he..my family member used to read it..and i found flooded of news paper in my house...and i am thinking how to use it again in my crafts...
I saw many crafts ideas in the web like making baskets out of it..and.i am thinking if also i can make basket but in different method...or techniques..wait for that ~,^..soon..

But before i make a basket ,coz i know it will takes time ..let me show you first what i made ,this cute simple necklace and bracelet out of news paper...we can also make hair pin,earrings and more ..

Materials i used on bracelet....
news paper..cut into long strips..
stainless wire..0.90 m.m...cut in 10 inches long....you need 7 pieces for bracelet..
7 gem or beads or button..
adhesive glue..
wire cutter and wire sniffer {.i don`t know how it calls it...}
some materials using in making bracelets...i don`t know what they calls it..Lolz

For necklace..
20 inches wire..{0.90.m.m  } ..or depends long you want..
for the pendant ..cut wire into 15 inches long...

Here they are now..
you just cover the wire with news paper..and bend them with your desire shape and size..

and by adding gem and some jewelry kit....your jewelry is done..

unique bracelet ?

wear it...

i put some bling bling 

MORE JEWELRY from News Paper
Tiffany look alike lolz

Add caption
cute necklase

newspaper jewelry

Video making....

Some photos in the making process..

cute bracelet..

have fun making handmade paper jewelry............~.^...........

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