Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shoes Make Over using News Paper

A simple no design shoes..covered with news paper...Have you seen that..??

Yeah i designed my shoes by a  decoupage method....over my old shoes ..using ordinary glue..

lets get mess.......

you just need
news paper
even no scissors
ordinary glue or decoupage glue..
some color paint..
some beads ..optional..
some lace..for lay out

How to...
..just make sure are dry and clean ..
fist thing you can do is ...tear some pages of news paper in small pieces...and apply a glue on shoe and rub it with fingers or cannot brush ordinary glue so i used my fingers.....liquid glue can use brush..
and continue the process until you cover all your shoes..

and you can put flowers or else you want to design your shoes..
..some photos below...

you can making ....on this image below...


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