Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Recycled Newspaper,Grapevine Wreath

Recycling is really fun and exciting,every time you have a new ideas about your work.. it feels very satisfying...so this time again,i have new project ....~.^

Recycled newspaper Grapevine..

Yeah...newspaper project again..
And it gives me a clue . when the time i was eating grapes and was looking on it..and it was exactly ,collecting newspaper ...Yeah the ideas started there..

Here it goes...

of course you need Newspaper,scissor,Stainless wire,Color paint,adhesive glue and ordinary glue...
And of course it will need your time and effort on doing this project...

be ready to mess ...~.^
i will not explain how to make it,but by  watching my video you can get the idea how it made..though i am not speaking he he he..i am not good in talking sorry for that...

Watch my video on the making method...

SOME Photos below while making the project..

cut leaves 
you have to make a wreath vine first..and paint it like a vine ..

the newspaper grapes..

leaves gluing

after i arranged and glued the grapes


recycled newspaper 

this really nice ..paper crafts

newspaper  grapevine wreath

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